This three part project dealt with form and composition in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms. 
The endangered animal I chose to study is an American Elk, found in the Midwest region of the United States and commonly hunted for their antlers. After conducting initial research on this animal and it's habitat, I then had to create a physical model, a storybook illustration, and a stop motion animation, all detailing the form of the animal and the reason behind its endangerment. 
Part 1: Recycled Plastic 3D Model
For the first part of this project, we were to depict the form of our animal through found and recycled plastic containers. In doing so, I had to use existing forms that replicated that of an elk rather than creating the form myself. 
Another important component of the physical model was the interactive element. For this aspect, I chose to make the head of the elk move up and down through a simple rope mechanism that also serves as the tail of the animal. 
Part 2: Storybook Illustration
In the next part of the project, we had to illustrate our animal in a two-dimensional scene that communicates the animal's environment, as well as the human threat. Below is my final iteration. 
Previous Iterations
Part 3: Stop Motion Animation
Similarly to part two of the project, the purpose of the animation was to show the animal interacting with its habitat, as well as the factor threatening the animal's life. The animations were created with cut paper and compiled in Adobe AfterEffects. 

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