Design Brief: Design a carrier for a specific product made only out of cardboard without any adhesive. The product should be easily assembled and understood by a consumer, while serving the functional purpose of a carrier. 
(Course: Studio: Survey of Design, Fall 2018)

The flower carrier I created is adjustable for three different bouquet sizes and is assembled in one singular wrapping motion. The notch in the middle is used to stabilize the grip on the bottom half of the carrier when it is on a looser setting. 
Abridged Process
Before reaching the final model of my carrier, I went through many variations of a similar form, mostly experimenting with adding a handle or grip, and changing dimensions and proportions. The main issue I came across throughout this process was how unstable the grip became when the product was on a looser setting (for a wide bouquet). Ultimately, instead of adding a gripping mechanism that I felt would take away from the form, I used a tab in the center to stabilize the bottom half, thus creating a sturdier grip. 
Below is a summary of the models leading up to the final. 
Final model
Final model

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